Reseller Program

Earn Money by Starting a Hosting Company

With the HektaByte Reseller Program, you can become your own web hosting company without having to worry about any hardware.  The program provides you with all the tools necessary to start a business immediately:  You can create control panels for each of your clients and either generate your own invoices or let us facilitate the billing cycle for you.

How Does The Reseller Program Work?

There are two options in our Reseller Program:

  1. Buy & Sell Directly
    With the buy & sell option, you simply purchase any of HektaByte's products and services at a wholesale price and directly resell them to your clients at a retail price that you set.  You will also enjoy additional discounts and benefits which you can use to offset your own server costs, or have paid out to you at your convenience.

  2. Full White Label With API
    With the full white label option, you can start your own hosting company in hours using a complete working system provided by HektaByte.  You can tailor the control panel according to your own branding, and set it up as your own so your clients will never know it has been provided by a third party.  This option pays a fixed percentage of the total monthly bill of all your clients, and is the easiest way to start your own company.