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Cloud Hosting

You can provision a HektaByte cloud server with your favorite web hosting panel in minutes. This is an ideal solution for any business or organization that wants their own hosting solution, either as a service to paying customers, or simply to manage your own sites.

Who Needs a Cloud Server with Pre-Installed Web Hosting Panel?

  • Companies with multiple websites
  • Website builders and site management companies that offer web hosting services
  • Small to large hosting companies
  • Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies

  • In all the use cases mentioned above, there is one overall administrative body that provides third parties with an independent web hosting panel for domain management.

    The Benefits

    Enjoy a complete management panel for the control and maintenance of various website hosting plans.  For your own administrative needs, you benefit from a comprehensive administration and management tool which can help with initiating hosting packages for paying customers or allocating hosting segments to internal departments.

    You can provide each administrator, customer or site manager with their own hosting panel, which in turn gives them access to their own sites.  You can allocate more than one administrator to each customer or site manager, as well as define different administrative capabilities according to their needs.


    Scalability is an important feature of web-hosting under a variety of use cases.  With HektaByte’s cloud server with web hosting panel, you can scale up your infrastructure in line with your business growth to maintain a high service level whilst not paying more than you need to.


    A number of important features are built into all web hosting panel servers. These are primarily global definitions of locations and services that are transparently available to your customers and site owners.  They include:

  • Web Server, Add/Remove/Manage your domains and all their services
  • Mail servers. Specify your own SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services
  • DBMS location (MySQL, MS SQL)
  • DNS Management
  • Integration of anti-spam services

  • Choice of Web Hosting Panels

    As with all HektaByte’s  cloud server products, you can opt for a Windows or Linux based server. You can choose the web hosting panel of your choice from the following:

  • cPanel/WHM (Linux Only)
  • WebsitePanel (Windows Only)
  • Parallels Plesk (Linux or Windows)