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Cloud Storage

Cloud block storage is a data storage system for cloud servers, much like a virtual private hard disk. HektaByte’s cloud block storage can be used to store any information, and offers great value for money at the lowest cost per GB on the market. Fully scalable, cloud block storage is always available and can be increases in size as required. If you no longer need it, you can drop it at any time without paying for any more than you’ve used.

HektaByte’s cloud block storage is an enterprise-grade, fully redundant system, using high performance SSD-accelerated disk drives. One of the main advantages of using a cloud block storage system is that it provides highly reliable, centralized storage with no single point of failure, making it ideally suited to a variety of applications, including:

  • Storage systems for files, databases, images or other file level data
  • High demand, data-centric applications
  • Fast background storage processing
  • Offline backups

  • Block storage volumes can be formatted using EXT4, EXT3, XFS, ZFS, NTFS or any other file system that your operating system supports. Each block storage volume is associated with one cloud server but can be detached and reattached to different cloud servers as required.