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Cloud Servers

A cloud server is like a regular server, only it is a virtual machine located in a cloud infrastructure. A cloud server offers advantages such as infinite scalability, as well as unbeatable availability, performance and price.

The cloud server model is a leading server solution for a broad a diversity of computing resources. From startup development to enterprise IT, cloud server models provide computing power that is immediate, requires no upfront investment, and carries no long-term commitment. A cloud server’s other main benefits are:

  • Server set-up in less than 1 minute
  • Instant scaling up or down as required
  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed
  • No hardware maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Simple backup and monitoring
  • Unbeatable pricing

  • The HektaByte cloud infrastructure is distributed across several global, state-of-the-art, purpose-built data centers; located in North America (New York, NY, Dallas, TX, Santa Clara, CA), Europe (Amsterdam,Frankfurt, London), Asia (Hong Kong) and the Middle East (Israel). You can launch a new server from any of these locations instantly, running Windows or Linux (we support any version and any edition available in the market - please see our marketplace for more details).

    Instant Scaling

    Our cloud servers can be self-provisioned and self-configured, using a simple management portal or API, to suit your changing requirements. With HektaByte, server capacity can be increased or decreased in minutes. Hardware components such as CPU, RAM, disk storage, load balancers, firewalls and much more, can be added or taken away instantly, simply by logging into the cloud management console and clicking on the desired option. You can even launch a brand new cloud server from a copy of your existing server, effectively cloning your original server - to the same data center, or to another location.

    We charge only according to what you use, which means that you don’t have to increase your whole server package as you grow and pay for resources you don’t need. You simply pay for the extra features you add, by the minute. Inversely, if you no longer need a product or wish to decrease your server capacity, you merely log in to your management console and make the required changes, which will be instantly reflected in your invoicing.

    99.95% Uptime Guaranteed

    Cloud servers offer extraordinarily high reliability and availability compared to traditional computing infrastructures. Thanks to HektaByte’s purpose-built, globally distributed data centers incorporating the latest technologies, servers are kept stable and available at all times, under virtually any conditions.

    Every component has at least N+1 redundancy resilience, which is a parallel backup device that will automatically be deployed in the event of a component failure. This means that any hardware failure in any power supply unit, hard disk drive, power phase, UPS, memory or CPU will automatically switch to an alternative device, without you having to worry about the configuration required to make it all work. Resiliency of the mains power supply is similarly maintained with backup generators.

    No Hardware Worries

    A cloud server releases you from having to worry about the management and maintenance of computing hardware. It gives you complete control over your hardware configuration, with the ability to add servers or communications hardware (such as load balancers and firewalls) and achieve immediate and unlimited scaling. You can view and manage your cloud server just like any other bare metal server, minus the headaches.

    Low Total Cost of Ownership

    One of the main advantages of using a cloud infrastructure is its affordability. Several factors combine to make HektaByte's cloud infrastructure the most inexpensive server solution available.

  • Scale: The size and sophistication of our data centers allows us to maximize resource efficiency such as monitoring and administration personnel, electrical power for the servers and air conditioning, and maintaining fast broadband communication channels. Improving efficiency translates to operating our servers at a lower cost, and this advantage can then be passed on to our customers.
  • Modularity: The virtual nature of the cloud server means that you don’t have to pay for any resources you don’t need. Your package is totally modular and self defined so that you are not stuck with any unwanted resources, just the exact hardware and software components that you require as and when you need them.
  • Pay by the minute: HektaByte believes that it is wrong to charge by the day or month for something that takes a few minutes, such as a system check. At HektaByte, we charge by the minute to ensure we deliver the best value service to our customers.

  • HektaByte - You are in Control

    HektaByte cloud servers give you absolute freedom to configure, scale up or down and add new components as required:

    • Assign roles to administrators or users
    • Root/administrator access to your servers
    • Instant server configuration changes
    • Add servers as and when required
    • Remove servers without paying a penalty
    • Through our proprietary API, you can setup servers and all other resources on-the-fly without being present
    • Stop and restart your servers at any time
    • Add databases of your choice (as many as you want)
    • Choose your IP allocation
    • Complete control over subnet and private VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
    • Unlimited storage