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HektaByte is a company dedicated to providing quality services, solutions and research in information technology (IT).


Our experience and training are the main asset of the company, thanks to a team of engineers, young professionals and consultants, all trained to carry out projects and providing IT-based solutions and derivatives areas. We continuously invest in technology and human resources to provide services Data Center Premium with the following benefits: maximum performance and speed, safety, speed, availability, stability and ease through constant maintenance, specialized support group, a smooth regular communication and a friendly service personalized, besides meeting the standards, security, policies and methodologies required in the field of IT.


Our mission is focused on providing our customers with high quality professional services. We provide advanced tools and solutions, with the best cost / benefit balance so they can be placed on top of a technology that is constantly evolving market, while also ensuring the human-professional of our employees and the sustained growth of the company development.


We are Microsoft Partner Program, Microsoft SPLA and VMware Service Provider Program.


HektaByte as a leading provider of comprehensive infrastructure solutions, communications and software engineering provider.